The PREFACE of the Gen. Man.

We have been doing design and consulting services awarded to our company by the well known international groups of companies in the world who are the owners of these jobs since 1994. We completed the design and consulting services of most of them.Some are still on process.

    Our past and current jobs are respectively highly appreciated achievements. We have done the design and consulting services not only for superstructures but also infrastructures. As the types of works are concerned; they are design and consulting services of superstructures such as high rise buildings,  collective housing, shopping centers, villa housing, Gymnasium Halls, Television Towers, Industrial Buildings, Roads, Via-Ducts, Bridges and all the infrastructures such as foundations, all underground utilities such as storm drain sewer, domestic water lines, electric and telephone cables and other similar structures.

    Our software programs that we use for the design works are certified as “Etabs v9 Non Linear, Safe 12.3.1, Csi Col, Staadpro V8, Ram Connection, Runet Exspress, Sap2000, Tekla Structures“

Our design and Consulting Services are always in conformity with ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999.

    We are ready to repeat our achievements on these works at any time when our respective clients demand.

    Our clients are both from inside the country and abroad. They are from Germany, Iran, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tatarihstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Libya and Bulgaria. Some of them benefitted our services years ago and some have been benefitting for years. As giving only a single example; we accomplished the design of the 4.500.000 square meter closed area in the various types of construction.

    Among all our clients that may be numbered as more than one hundred not a single of them is said to be unsatisfied by either our design on consulting services.

    Our company deserves to claim that we do our job to the full satisfaction of our client.

General Manager
Yalcin Project