Our design Works cover all types of A&E Projects such as;

1.    GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN is done after the Ground Survey to adjust the loading capacity as in the California Bearing Ratio. Preferences on the selection of the construction area or its renewal will be able to be maintained depending on the data obtained from CBR.
2.    ARCHITECHTURAL DESIGN of all disciplines.
3.    CIVIL DESIGN of clarify all civil works.
4.    STRUCTURAL DESIGN to provide the structural integrity of the structures against all interior or exterior factors which are possible weakening affects.
5.    ELECTRICAL DESIGN for the mounting of the required Electrical and/or electronically installations to the structure.
6.    MECHANICAL DESIGN for the required mounting installations to the structure.
7.    OTHER DESIGN for all other required parts to the structure.
8.    DESIGN CONTRACT and DESIGN SHEDULE with its attachments.