Our consulting Services are described as the full application of Project Management that we

run on the site. In other words we do design as office works and Consulting Services as our

site affairs. Our on-site Consulting Services are outlined in general as follows:

1.    Preparing the CONTRACT and SPECIFICATIONS on the concerned job,
2.    COST ESTIMATE and its permanent Control,
3.    WORK SHEDULE and its timely Control of every phase of application on electronic base (CPM/Primaver),
4.    QUALITY ASSUIRANCE AND QUALITY CONTROL (QA/QC) through Inspections, Testing and Documentation of

a.    Materials, Items,
b.    Workmanship and
c.    Methods of Applications,

5.    Health and Security Engineering (HSE),
6.    ADA Standards for Accessible Standards Design apply for new Constructions,
8.    REPRESENTATIVE of the Owner and/or Consulting Contracting Company.