Preparation of all documents prior to the pre-construction meeting and their filling up in a timely manner should be done.

The required documents are;

1.    The contract of construction and its attachments to submit to the related parties for contract administration,
2.    The specifications of the job covering all disciplines,
3.    Material delivery submittal list as spread sheet for review and approval or disapproval after the required review and inspection,
4.    Cost estimate for the construction up to completion,
5.    Construction work scheduling, and its follow ups on electronic base as Master Program,
6.    Preparing budget and its follow ups on electronic base as Master Program,
7.    All required blue prints, shop drawings as as-built data as Master Plan as it is also depicted in the design section, (All should comply with ASTM and ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999.)
8.    Documentation due to Quality Control of workmanship, material, methods of application as in the form of three-phase inspection check-list, and documents of all required tests for all disciplines, (All documentation should comply with ISO 9001:2000.)
9.    Documents due to HSE,
10.    Change Control and Modification proposal form,
11.    Form for Claims,
12.    Owner training and Orientation Forms
13.    Pre-final and Final Acceptance Check Lists,
14.    Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

    YALCIN PROJECT is running on three main categories of construction job as; DESIGN,BUILD and GENERAL TRADE that we do the Design and Consulting Services and upon request we build the structures which we designed or others did.We can also do GENERAL TRADE as well.

     We are very proud of our past experience and we are full of enthusiasm to reach to the utmost achievements in our fields of work as DESIGN,BUILD& CONSULTING SERVICES and we will du GENERAL TRADE for new projects in the future as well.

      We are at your service on the contracting jobs for DESIGN,BUILD,CONSULTING SERVICES AND GENERAL TRADE as Design,Build,Consulting Contracting-Subcontracting and Trade Company.

    Hayati Yalcın                                       Sahsine Yalcin                     Süleyman Akgullu
   Civil Engineer                                     Architect-Asistant to G.M.          Sen.Civil Engineer
General Manager Partner and Founder     Partner and Founder               Projects Coordinator