Company Introduction

Our company “YALCIN PROJECT” was founded in 1994 on the mission to create the best design of A&E projects and strict follow up its exact application on site.

    We create the design of A&E projects and execute our design for its right application through our consulting services as project management initiating from the completion of the design and going on throughout all phases of the construction of the structure.

    Both the creation of our design and execution of our consulting services include all the  disciplines such as geological analysis, civil works, architectural applications, provision of structural integrity, mounting of electrical, electronic and mechanical and other installations o site.

    The structures that we have been creating the design and executing the Consulting Services are high rise buildings, collective housing, shopping centers, villa housing, Gymnasium Halls, Television Towers, Industrial Buildings, Roads, Via-Ducts, Bridges and all the infrastructures such as foundations, all underground utilities such as storm drain, sewer, domestic water lines, electric and telephone cables and other similar structures.

    After adequate analysis on the area, Our Design Services of A&E Projects start and they consist of the designs of Geotechnical survey results, civil states, Structural integrities and the additional mountings of electrical, electronic, mechanical items and other required implementations.

    Our consulting services which can be named as “Project Management Consulting Services”. They are thoroughly considered on the concept of Project Management which covers all the inspections, testing and documentation that are executed in order to strictly follow up the applications of our design by means of our site services.